Short Flex/Bend sensor - P00138


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This sensor can detect bending in one direction. They were popularized by being used in the Nintendo PowerGlove as a gaming interface.


Technical Specifications
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This sensor can detect bending in one direction. They were popularized by being used in the Nintendo PowerGlove as a gaming interface.

These sensors are easy to use, they are basically resistors that change value based on how much their flexed. If they're unflexed, the resistance is about ~25KΩ. When flexed all the way the resistance rises to ~100KΩ. They're pretty similar to FSRs so following this tutorial will get you started. You can use an analog input on a micro-controller (with a pullup resistor) or a digital input with the use of a 0.1uF capacitor for RC timing.

The bottom part of the sensor (where the pins are crimped on) is very delicate so make sure to have strain relief - such as clamping or gluing that part so as not to rip out the contacts!


  • Length: 77.57mm/3.054in
  • Width: 6.41mm/0.2525in
  • Thickness: 0.48mm/0.019in
  • Weight: 0.27g/0.0095oz

182 Reviews for Short Flex/Bend sensor

  1. Going to put this arcitle to good use now.

  2. You write so hostleny about this. Thanks for sharing!

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