Wearable Electronics Design

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  • Course Duration: 3 Weeks
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What if your clothing could change color to complement your skin tone, respond to your racing heartbeat, or connect you with a loved one from afar?

Welcome to the world of shoes that can dynamically shift your height, jackets that display when the next bus is coming, and neckties that can nudge your business partner from across the room. Whether it be for fashion, function, or human connectedness, wearable electronics can be used to design interactive systems that are intimate and engaging.

Wearable Electronics is intended for those with an interest in physical computing who are looking to create interfaces or systems that live on the body. Perfect for makers new to wearable tech, this course introduces you to the tools, materials, and techniques for creating interactive electronic circuits and embedding them in clothing and other things you can wear.

The course features experiments to get you comfortable with the technology and then invites you to build upon that knowledge with your own projects. Fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions and images of amazing creations made by artists and professional designers, this course offers a concrete understanding of electronic circuits and how you can use them to bring your wearable projects from concept to prototype.

Wearables Applications

A. Circuits
Circuit Basics
Constructing Circuits

B. Conductive Materials
Conventional Conductors
Conductive Thread
Conductive Fabric
Other Conductive Materials
Choosing Conductive Materials
Experiment: Wearable Circuits
What’s Next
C. Switches
Understanding Switches
Off-the-Shelf Switches
DIY Switches
Experiment: Social Switches

D. Textile Toolkits
Thinking Beyond

E. Making Electronics Wearable
Why Wear It
What Makes Something Wearable
Designing a Wearable
Experiment: Eight-Hour Wearable

F. Microcontrollers
Hello World
Digital Output
Digital Input
Analog Input
Analog Output
What’s Next

G. Sensors
Working with Sensors
Working with Sensor Data
What to Sense
Other Sensors

H. Actuators

I. Wireless
Hello XBees
Other Wireless Options
J. Thinking Beyond

K. Sewing


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